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At Module NZ our goal is to help New Zealanders move into their dream home quickly and affordably. Our modular homes are constructed to the highest standards and we have a wide selection of sizes and styles to suit any section. We’ve applied the very latest design techniques to ensure all of our homes maximise the floor-space available, ranging from 49m2 up to 164m2. Our kitset homes make great beach bachs, sleep-outs, farm worker housing, or a family home.

We’re a wholly New Zealand owned company, founded to provide New Zealanders with high-quality, transportable homes that can be assembled quickly without compromising on quality. We offer a choice of supply-only or a full-build option, and while we appreciate that many homeowners wish to save as much money as possible, we always prefer to build for you to ensure our kitset homes are constructed to rigorous standards that ensure maximum longevity and superior build-quality.

Based in Canterbury, our modular homes provide a wide choice of styles and layouts. Once onsite your new home can be assembled quickly, with a ‘lock up’ stage normally achieved within seven days, enabling you to proceed with the interior fit-out exactly as you want it, knowing your new home is well on its way to completion.

We can even pre-build your home at our manufacturing facility and then transport it complete to your waiting section, enabling you to enjoy our high-quality homes where onsite assembly isn’t feasible. As you can see, at ModuleNZ we’re committed to going the extra mile for our customers, and we are confident that once you see the high-quality construction and innovative ways we’ve maximised the floor-space in our modular homes, we’re the obvious choice for you.

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